Brand Matters: Recognition is the Mission! 

Philosopher William James once said “the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” Human nature doesn’t stop just because you’re in a workplace. The people that make up every step of the business cycle still yearn to be appreciate...

October 21st, 2022|awards, Incentives, Recognition, trophies|Comments Off on Brand Matters: Recognition is the Mission! 

Brand Matters: Creating Culture

The average 40 hours per week employee spends about a third of their weekdays devoted to their job. Most spend more time working than they do sleeping or being with their families Monday – Friday. With such a big chunk of life being taken up by work, i...

October 12th, 2022|awards, creating culture, Culture, Incentives, Office Culture, Positivity, Recognition, Work Culture, Work environment|Comments Off on Brand Matters: Creating Culture

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