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Moments: A Spotlight Moment

Content is king. You’ve likely heard that expression sometime in the last few years as endless streams of content flood your social media pages, email inboxes, and television airwaves. Content marketing is your chance to get your brand in the spotlight...

June 19th, 2023|Brand, Content, Content marketing, Social Media, Video, Views|Comments Off on Moments: A Spotlight Moment

Determine Your Brand’s Target Audience

Too many times, I’ve been part of creative brainstorming sessions or meetings and the topics of direction and target audience never want to be bridged. To some, making something “look cool” is the ultimate goal because “more people will want to look at it or keep it.” Let’s be honest with ourselves. “Cool” is a... Read More

Socializing on Social Media

Last semester, I took a sports promotion and fan engagement class that focused on how professional sports teams can leverage social media to engage their fans. The majority of the topics that we covered can be applied to any organization’s use of social media. Whether it is a few posts or a full-blown campaign, the... Read More

February 12th, 2019|eMarketing, Evaluation, Listen, Marketing, Simple tips, Social Media, social media plan, Social Media Planning, social strategy, Strategic Design|Comments Off on Socializing on Social Media

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